Michael Hennessey

About | Hennessey

In other words, who is this guy and what comes in the box?

I have worked as a professional graphic designer for 19 years, the past thirteen of which have been in Washington, DC.

I have a diverse background of experience in many aspects of graphic design, with deep roots in branding, brand strategy, logo, graphic identity and collateral development and years of experience in both traditional print and digital media in design agency and advertising agency settings.

Under my firm Hennessey Design LLC, I offer graphic design and brand strategy services to a wide variety of clients from small and medium size businesses to non-profit associations and also provide creative support for area graphic design, advertising and public relations firms with regional and national clients. As a team leader and creative director, I also have a lot of experience strategizing, creating and implementing brand identity, marketing outreach and advertising campaigns for both profit and non-profit clients.

A problem solver by nature, I relish design challenges and enjoy the process and strategy of design work as much as the creation and implementation of a design solution. Nothing gives me more professional satisfaction than developing a strong design solution that is effective for one project while also working seamlessly with multiple parts of a client’s larger design and marketing communication strategy.

I am also a collaborative designer. I believe strongly that direct communication that builds understanding is critical to the success of any design project – which is why I prefer to work as closely as possible with my clients to achieve the best possible design solution
for their projects.