Michael Hennessey

Print Collateral | Britten Banners

Brand Identity, Corporate, Posters, Print Collateral

A modular and cost-effective design solution to a typical client problem. ​

Britten Banners used to print a 300+ page catalog, containing their entire expansive product line, every year and mail out the catalog to any prospective inquiry. Not only was this expensive and time-consuming to produce, often prices or availability of certain products would change during the year. Whole new product lines would be created mid-year, but would have to wait until next year's catalog to be printed.

The solution was to "disassemble" the catalog ​completely. Products would be featured on one, two or four page sheets. A new set of marketing collateral guidelines were put in place that organized sets of product sheet "modules" together into groups, based on defined vertical markets, along with a vertical market mini-brochure.

Any of the pieces could be printed in advance, on the fly (using a modular template system) or sent to prospective clients as PDF files via email.