Michael Hennessey

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Website Visualization | House Analogy

Conveying the framework and process of website development to clients can be challenging, for both the designer and the client. Like a film production, there are many elements to the construction of a website that all need to work together to create a seamless and compelling experience.

One solution is to convey the components of a website using a visual analogy. The "house" analogy as applied to a website structure is not a new idea, but works well to convey how all the parts of a website work together and how they interrelate.

I designed this "Website Visualization  |  House Analogy" graphic, for RP3 Agency in Bethesda, Maryland, as part of their toolkit in talking with clients about website framework and the design process. It pairs website components with common house construction elements to provide a visual analogy that most clients are more familiar with.

Referencing a diagram like this during the website development process helps answer commonly asked client questions, like: "Where are we in the process?" and "Why do we need to decide on a technology platform before we get to see some visual designs?" without having to resort to an over-technical conversation that leaves the client still wondering what the answer is.